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Our mission is to create global awareness of Sikhism, and to promote understanding of gurbani and religious awareness of Sikhism, and provide service to the community. We are open to people and ideas of all faiths and backgrounds. All programs and projects strive to develop and share a positive Sikh perspective.

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Daily Hukamnama from Sri Darbar Sahib, Asr.                  [Download Punjabi Font]



Sri Amritsar.

    [September 2, 2014, Tuesday 05:00 AM. IST]
DnwsrI mhlw 1 ]

shij imlY imilAw prvwxu ] nw iqsu mrxu n Awvxu jwxu ] Twkur mih dwsu dws mih soie ] jh dyKw qh Avru n koie ]1] gurmuiK Bgiq shj Gru pweIAY ] ibnu gur Byty mir AweIAY jweIAY ]1] rhwau ] so guru krau ij swcu idRVwvY ] AkQu kQwvY sbid imlwvY ] hir ky log Avr nhI kwrw ] swcau Twkuru swcu ipAwrw ]2] qn mih mnUAw mn mih swcw ] so swcw imil swcy rwcw ] syvku pRB kY lwgY pwie ] siqguru pUrw imlY imlwie ]3] Awip idKwvY Awpy dyKY ] hiT n pqIjY nw bhu ByKY ] GiV Bwfy ijin AMimRqu pwieAw ] pRym Bgiq pRiB mnu pqIAwieAw ]4] piV piV BUlih cotw Kwih ] bhuqu isAwxp Awvih jwih ] nwmu jpY Bau Bojnu Kwie ] gurmuiK syvk rhy smwie ]5] pUij islw qIrQ bn vwsw ] Brmq folq Bey audwsw ] min mYlY sUcw ikau hoie ] swic imlY pwvY piq soie ]6] Awcwrw vIcwru srIir ] Awid jugwid shij mnu DIir ] pl pMkj mih koit auDwry ] kir ikrpw guru myil ipAwry ]7] iksu AwgY pRB quDu swlwhI ] quDu ibnu dUjw mY ko nwhI ] ijau quDu BwvY iqau rwKu rjwie ] nwnk shij Bwie gux gwie ]8]2]

mMglvwr 17 BwdoN (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 686)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw
DnwsrI mhlw 1 ]

jyhVw mnu`K gurU dI rwhIN Afol AvsQw ivc itk ky pRBU-crnW ivc juVdw hY, aus dw pRBU-crnW ivc juVnw kbUl pYNdw hY [ aus mnu`K nwh Awqmk mOq AwauNdI hY, nwh hI jnm mrn dw gyV [ Ajyhw pRBU dw dws pRBU ivc lIn rihMdw hY, pRBU Ajyhy syvk dy AMdr prgt ho jWdw hY [ auh syvk ij`Dr q`kdw hY aus prmwqmw qoN ibnw hor koeI nhIN id`sdw [1[gurU dI srn pY ky prmwqmw dI BgqI kIiqAW auh (Awqmk) itkwxw iml jWdw hY ijQy mn sdw Afol AvsQw ivc itikAw rihMdw hY [ (pr) gurU imlx qoN ibnw Awqmk mOqy mr ky jnm mrn dy gyV ivc pey rhIdw hY [1[rhwau[mYN (BI) auhI gurU Dwrnw cwhuMdw hW jyhVw sdw-iQr pRBU (myry ihrdy ivc) p`kI qrHW itkw dyvy, jyhVw mYQoN Ak`Q pRBU dI is&iq-swlwh krwvy, qy Awpxy Sbd dI rwhIN mY pRBU-crnW ivc joV dyvy [prmwqmw dy Bgq (is&iq-swlwh qoN ibnw) koeI hor kwr nhIN (su`JdI) [ Bgq sdw-iQr pRBU hI ismrdw hY, sdw-iQr pRBU aus ipAwrw l`gdw hY [ijs mnu`K pUrw gurU iml pYNdw hY gurU aus pRBU-crnW ivc imlw dyNdw hY, auh syvk pRBU dy crnW ivc juiVAw rihMdw hY, aus dw mn srIr dy AMdr hI rihMdw hY (Bwv, mwieAw-moihAw dsIN pwsIN dOVdw nhIN (iPrdw), aus dy mn ivc sdw-iQr pRBU prgt ho jWdw hY, auh syvk sdw-iQr pRBU ismr ky qy aus ivc iml ky aus (dI Xwd) ivc lIn rihMdw hY [3[prmwqmw Awpxw drsn Awp hI (gurU dI rwhIN) krWdw hY, Awp hI (sB jIvW dy) idl dI jwxdw hY (ies vwsqy auh) hT dI rwhIN kIqy krmW auqy nhIN pqIjdw, nwh hI bhuqy (Dwrimk) ByKW qy pRsMn huMdw hY [ ijs pRBU ny (swry) srIr swjy hn qy (gurU dI srn Awey iksy vfBwgI dy ihrdy ivc) nwm-AMimRq pwieAw hY ausy pRBU ny aus dw mn pRymw BgqI ivc joiVAw hY [4[jyhVy mnu`K (iv`idAw) pVH pVH ky (iv`idAw dy mwx ivc hI ismrn qoN) KuMJ jWdy hn auh (Awqmk mOq dIAW) cotW sihMdy hn [ (iv`idAw dI) bhuqI cqurweI dy kwrn jnm mrn dy gyV ivc pYNdy hn [ jyhVw jyhVw mnu`K pRBU dw nwm jpdw hY qy pRBU dy fr-Adb Awpxy Awqmw dI ^urwk bxWdw hY, auh syvk gurU dI srn pY ky pRBU ivc lIn rihMdy hn [5[jyhVw mnu`K p`Qr (dIAW mUrqIAW) pUjdw irhw, qIrQW dy ieSnwn krdw irhw, jMglW ivc invws r`Kdw irhw, iqAwgI bx ky QW QW Btkdw foldw iPirAw (qy iehnW hI krmW Drm smJdw irhw), jy aus dw mn mYlw hI irhw qW auh pivq ikvyN ho skdw hY? jyhVw mnu`K sdw-iQr pRBU ivc (ismrn dI rwhIN) lIn huMdw hY (auhI pivq huMdw hY, qy) auh (lok prlok ivc) ie`zq pWdw hY [6[hy ipAwry pRBU! myhr kr ky mY auh gurU imlw jo A`K Jmkx dy smy ivc koRVW bMidAW (ivkwrW qoN) bcw lYNdw hY, ijs dw mn sdw hI Afol AvsQw ivc itikAw rihMdw hY qy gMBIr rihMdw hY ijs dy AMdr au~cw Awcrn BI hY qy au~cI (Awqmk) sUJ BI hY [7[hy nwnk! pRBU-dr qy ieauN Ardws krhy pRBU! mYN iks bMdy A`gy qyrI is&iq-swlwh krW? mY qW qYQoN ibnw hor koeI ikqy id`sdw hI nhIN [ijvyN qyrI myhr hovy mY AwpxI rzw ivc r`K, qw ik (qyrw dws) Afol Awqmk AvsQw ivc itk ky qyry pRym ivc itk ky qyry gux gwvy [8[2[

English Translation :

That union with the Lord is acceptable, which is united in intuitive poise. Thereafter, one does not die, and does not come and go in reincarnation. The Lords slave is in the Lord, and the Lord is in His slave. Wherever I look, I see none other than the Lord. || 1 || The Gurmukhs worship the Lord, and find His celestial home. Without meeting the Guru, they die, and come and go in reincarnation. || 1 || Pause || So make Him your Guru, who implants the Truth within you, who leads you to speak the Unspoken Speech, and who merges you in the Word of the Shabad. Gods people have no other work to do; they love the True Lord and Master, and they love the Truth. || 2 || The mind is in the body, and the True Lord is in the mind. Merging into the True Lord, one is absorbed into Truth. Gods servant bows at His feet. Meeting the True Guru, one meets with the Lord. || 3 || He Himself watches over us, and He Himself makes us see. He is not pleased by stubborn-mindedness, nor by various religious robes. He fashioned the body-vessels, and infused the Ambrosial Nectar into them; Gods Mind is pleased only by loving devotional worship. || 4 || Reading and studying, one becomes confused, and suffers punishment. By great cleverness, one is consigned to coming and going in reincarnation. One who chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and eats the food of the Fear of God becomes Gurmukh, the Lords servant, and remains absorbed in the Lord. || 5 || He worships stones, dwells at sacred shrines of pilgrimage and in the jungles, wanders, roams around and becomes a renunciate. But his mind is still filthy how can he become pure? One who meets the True Lord obtains honor. || 6 || One who embodies good conduct and contemplative meditation, his mind abides in intuitive poise and contentment, since the beginning of time, and throughout the ages. In the twinkling of an eye, he saves millions. Have mercy on me, O my Beloved, and let me meet the Guru. || 7 || Unto whom, O God, should I praise You? Without You, there is no other at all. As it pleases You, keep me under Your Will. Nanak, with intuitive poise and natural love, sings Your Glorious Praises. || 8 || 2 ||

Tuesday 17th Bhaadon (Samvat 546 Nanakshahi) (Page: 686)

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Courtesy: SGPC, Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.                            

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The Hukamnama

The Hukamnama  is considered the Guru's words of wisdom for the day. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is opened randomly to any page and the shabad on that page becomes the day's Hukam (command). Which is referred to in Gurbani as the divine order, divine will, or command or direction of God and Guru. There is no hukam higher than God and Guru's hukam. No king, ruler, statesperson, or any other worldly authority can have a hukam superior to God and Guru.

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- Significance of The Hukamnama
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