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Our mission is to create global awareness of Sikhism, and to promote understanding of gurbani and religious awareness of Sikhism, and provide service to the community. We are open to people and ideas of all faiths and backgrounds. All programs and projects strive to develop and share a positive Sikh perspective.

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Daily Hukamnama from Sri Darbar Sahib, Asr.                  [Download Punjabi Font]



Sri Amritsar.

    [October 25, 2014, Saturday 05:30 AM. IST]
soriT mhlw 9 ]

pRIqm jwin lyhu mn mwhI ] Apny suK isau hI jgu PWiDE ko kwhU ko nwhI ]1] rhwau ] suK mY Awin bhuqu imil bYTq rhq chU idis GyrY ] ibpiq prI sB hI sMgu Cwifq koaU n Awvq nyrY ]1] Gr kI nwir bhuqu ihqu jw isau sdw rhq sMg lwgI ] jb hI hMs qjI ieh kWieAw pRyq pRyq kir BwgI ]2] ieh ibiD ko ibauhwru binE hY jw isau nyhu lgwieE ] AMq bwr nwnk ibnu hir jI koaU kwim n AwieE ]3]12]139]

SnIvwr, 9 k`qk (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 634)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw
soriT mhlw 9 ]

hy im`qr! (Awpxy) mn ivc (ieh g`l) p`kI kr ky smJ lY, (ik) swrw sMswr Awpxy suK nwl hI b`Jw hoieAw hY [ koeI BI iksy dw (qoV inBx vwlw swQI) nhIN (bxdw) [1[rhwau[ hy im`qr! (jdoN mnu`K)! suK ivc (huMdw hY, qdoN) keI Xwr dosq iml ky (aus pws) bYTdy hn, qy, (aus ) cOhIN pwsIN GyrI r`Kdy hn [ (pr jdoN aus koeI) musIbq pYNdI hY, swry hI swQ C`f jWdy hn, (iPr) koeI BI (aus dy) nyVy nhIN Fukdw [1[ hy im`qr! Gr dI iesqI (BI), ijs nwl bVw ipAwr huMdw hY, jyhVI sdw (Ksm dy) nwl l`gI rihMdI hY, ijs hI vyly (pqI dw) jIvwqmw ies srIr C`f dyNdw hY, (iesqI aus qoN ieh AwK ky) pry ht jWdI hY ik ieh mr cukw hY mr cukw hY [2[ hy nwnk! (AwKhy im`qr! dunIAw dw) ies qrHW dw vrqwrw bixAw hoieAw hY ijs nwl (mnu`K ny) ipAwr pwieAw hoieAw hY [ (pr, hy im`qr! A^Irly smy prmwqmw qoN ibnw hor koeI BI (mnu`K dI) mdd nhIN kr skdw [3[12[139[

English Translation :

O dear friend, know this in your mind. The world is entangled in its own pleasures; no one is for anyone else. || 1 || Pause || In good times, many come and sit together, surrounding you on all four sides. But when hard times come, they all leave, and no one comes near you. || 1 || Your wife, whom you love so much, and who has remained ever attached to you, runs away crying, Ghost! Ghost!, as soon as the swan-soul leaves this body. || 2 || This is the way they act those whom we love so much. At the very last moment, O Nanak, no one is any use at all, except the Dear Lord. || 3 || 12 || 139 ||

Saturday, 9th Katak (Samvat 546 Nanakshahi) (Page: 634)

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Courtesy: SGPC, Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.                            

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The Hukamnama

The Hukamnama  is considered the Guru's words of wisdom for the day. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is opened randomly to any page and the shabad on that page becomes the day's Hukam (command). Which is referred to in Gurbani as the divine order, divine will, or command or direction of God and Guru. There is no hukam higher than God and Guru's hukam. No king, ruler, statesperson, or any other worldly authority can have a hukam superior to God and Guru.

In Detail:

- What is Hukamnama?
- Significance of The Hukamnama
- History behind The Hukamnama
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