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Our mission is to create global awareness of Sikhism, and to promote understanding of gurbani and religious awareness of Sikhism, and provide service to the community. We are open to people and ideas of all faiths and backgrounds. All programs and projects strive to develop and share a positive Sikh perspective.

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Daily Hukamnama from Sri Darbar Sahib, Asr.                  [Download Punjabi Font]



Sri Amritsar.

    [November 26, 2014, Wednesday 05:30 AM. IST]
sloku m 3 ]

siqgur kI syvw sPlu hY jy ko kry icqu lwie ] min icMidAw Plu pwvxw haumY ivchu jwie ] bMDn qoVY mukiq hoie scy rhY smwie ] iesu jg mih nwmu AlBu hY gurmuiK vsY min Awie ] nwnk jo guru syvih Awpxw hau iqn bilhwrY jwau ]1] m 3 ] mnmuK mMnu Aijqu hY dUjY lgY jwie ] iqs no suKu supnY nhI duKy duiK ivhwie ] Gir Gir piV piV pMifq Qky isD smwiD lgwie ] iehu mnu vis n AwveI Qky krm kmwie ] ByKDwrI ByK kir Qky AiTsiT qIrQ nwie ] mn kI swr n jwxnI haumY Brim Bulwie ] gur prswdI Bau pieAw vfBwig visAw min Awie ] BY pieAY mnu vis hoAw haumY sbid jlwie ] sic rqy sy inrmly joqI joiq imlwie ] siqguir imilAY nwau pwieAw nwnk suiK smwie ]2] pauVI ] eyh BUpiq rwxy rMg idn cwir suhwvxw ] eyhu mwieAw rMgu ksuMB iKn mih lih jwvxw ] clidAw nwil n clY isir pwp lY jwvxw ] jW pkiV clwieAw kwil qW Krw frwvxw ] Eh vylw hiQ n AwvY iPir pCuqwvxw ]6]

bu`Dvwr, 11 m`Gr (sMmq 546 nwnkSwhI) (AMg: 644)

pMjwbI ivAwiKAw
sloku m 3 ]

jy koeI mnu`K ic`q lgw ky syvw kry, qW siqgurU dI (d`sI) syvw zrUr Pl lWdI hY; mn-ie`iCAw Pl imldw hY, AhMkwr mn ivcoN dUr huMdw hY; (gurU dI d`sI kwr mwieAw dy) bMDnW qoVdI hY (bMDnW qoN) ^lwsI ho jWdI hY qy s`cy hrI ivc mnu`K smwieAw rihMdw hY [ies sMswr ivc hrI dw nwm durl`B hY, siqgurU dy snmuK mnu`K dy mn ivc Aw ky v`sdw hY; hy nwnk! (AwK) mYN sdky hW auhnW qoN jo Awpxy siqgurU dI d`sI kwr krdy hn [1[mnmuK dw mn aus dy kwbU qoN bwhr hY, ikauNik auh mwieAw ivc jw ky l`gw hoieAw hY; (is`tw ieh ik) aus supny ivc BI suK nhIN imldw, (aus dI aumr) sdw du`K ivc hI guzrdI hY [AnykW pMifq lok pVH pVH ky qy is`D smwDIAW lw lw ky Q`k gey hn, keI krm kr ky Q`k gey hn; (pVHn nwl qy smwDIAW nwl) ieh mn kwbU nhIN AwauNdw [ByK krn vwly mnu`K (Bwv, swDU lok) keI ByK kr ky qy ATwhT qIrQW qy nHw ky Q`k gey hn; haumY qy Brm ivc Bu`ly hoieAW mn dI swr nhIN AweI [v`fy Bwg nwl siqgurU dI ikrpw rwhIN Bau aupjdw hY qy mn ivc Aw ky v`sdw hY; (hrI dw) Bau aupijAW hI, qy haumY siqgurU dy Sbd nwl swV ky hI mn v`s ivc AwauNdw hY [jo mnu`K joqI-pRBU ivc AwpxI ibRqI imlw ky s`cy ivc rMgy gey hn, auh inrml ho gey hn; (pr) hy nwnk! siqgurU dy imilAW hI nwm imldw hY qy suK ivc smweI huMdI hY [2[rwijAW qy rwixAW dy ieh rMg cwr idnW (Bwv, QoVy icr) leI soBnIk huMdy hn; mwieAw dw ieh rMg ksuMBy dw rMg hY (Bwv, ksuMBy vWg iCn-BMgur hY), iCn mwq ivc lih jweygw, (sMswr qoN) qurn vyly mwieAw nwl nhIN jWdI, (pr ies dy kwrn kIqy) pwp Awpxy isr qy lY jweIdy hn [jdoN jm-kwl ny PV ky A`gy lw ilAw, qW (jIv) fwFw BY-BIq huMdw hY; (mnu`K-jnm vwlw) auh smw Pyr imldw nhIN, ies vwsqy pCuqwauNdw hY [6[

English Translation :

Service to the True Guru is fruitful and rewarding, if one performs it with his mind focused on it. The fruits of the minds desires are obtained, and egotism departs from within. His bonds are broken, and he is liberated; he remains absorbed in the True Lord. It is so difficult to obtain the Naam in this world; it comes to dwell in the mind of the Gurmukh. O Nanak, I am a sacrifice to one who serves his True Guru. || 1 || THIRD MEHL: The mind of the self-willed manmukh is so very stubborn; it is stuck in the love of duality. He does not find peace, even in dreams; he passes his life in misery and suffering. The Pandits have grown weary of going door to door, reading and reciting their scriptures; the Siddhas have gone into their trances of Samaadhi. This mind cannot be controlled; they are tired of performing religious rituals. The impersonators have grown weary of wearing false costumes, and bathing at the sixty-eight sacred shrines. They do not know the state of their own minds; they are deluded by doubt and egotism. By Gurus Grace, the Fear of God is obtained; by great good fortune, the Lord comes to abide in the mind. When the Fear of God comes, the mind is restrained, and through the Word of the Shabad, the ego is burnt away. Those who are imbued with Truth are immaculate; their light merges in the Light. Meeting the True Guru, one obtains the Name; O Nanak, he is absorbed in peace. || 2 || PAUREE: The pleasures of kings and emperors are pleasing, but they last for only a few days. These pleasures of Maya are like the color of the safflower, which wears off in a moment. They do not go with him when he departs; instead, he carries the load of sins upon his head. When death seizes him, and marches him away, then he looks absolutely hideous. That lost opportunity will not come into his hands again, and in the end, he regrets and repents. || 6 ||

Wednesday, 11th Maghar (Samvat 546 Nanakshahi) (Page: 644)

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The Hukamnama

The Hukamnama  is considered the Guru's words of wisdom for the day. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is opened randomly to any page and the shabad on that page becomes the day's Hukam (command). Which is referred to in Gurbani as the divine order, divine will, or command or direction of God and Guru. There is no hukam higher than God and Guru's hukam. No king, ruler, statesperson, or any other worldly authority can have a hukam superior to God and Guru.

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